How authenticate a zoom meeting before creating meeting?

I want to validate the create meeting through API and want to alert user if there is any error while creating meeting. This is to be done before creating meeting. If everything ok then meeting gets created or if any errors It should alert user and close .Is there any way i can preform this check?

Hi Dora,


I’m not sure if I understand correctly, however using the create meeting API, when you call the API if the meeting was created successfully you will get the meeting object back (success) or an error message (failure), no need to revalidate the meeting.

I’m expecting OAuth flow like first trigger zoom server with all meeting details for verification. If everything like Host id, Meeting details are correct then i need an response like ok, then i trigger create meeting API for creating meeting otherwise i won’t trigger create meeting api.

Please suggest.

We currently do not offer an OAuth flow, it is on the roadmap for near future implementation, please stay tuned