Issue in Authentication, this is Urgent

So I’m using Salesforce. I want to create a meeting after a record is inserted in salesforce.
So I make Zoom API call from the apex(Java Like) for creating the Zoom meeting and associate the meeting ID to the record created.
I have achieved this using JWT app. But now due to some reasons, we have to use OAuth instead and I’m struggling to receive/generate token, that needs to be passed in order to make a callout to create Meeting

I tried with
for generating token and I got a valid response containing access_token and token_type

But when I was using the token to create meeting I’m getting the below response.
{“code”:200,“message”:“Invalid api key or secret.”}

for creating meeting I’m getting this response
{“code”:200,“message”:“Invalid api key or secret.”}

Which App Type (OAuth / Chatbot / JWT / Webhook)?

Which Endpoint/s?
OAuth generating Token:
create meeting:

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Post request to above endpoint with below header.
    ‘Authorization’ : ‘Basic <base64Encode(api_key:api_secret)>’
  2. After receiving response. retrieve the ‘access_token’.
  3. Make a callout for creating meeting(UserId being ‘me’) with header as follows
    ‘Authorization’ : ‘Bearer <access_token recieved>’
  4. You will get this response.
    {“code”:200,“message”:“Invalid api key or secret.”}

Additional context
After searching I found that the approach used to generate Access token is used for chat and not meeting.
Is there any was we can use this approach for creating meeting because the callout will be made from server(Trigger) with no UI involved.
I was using JWT(and it use to work fine) but they want to use OAuth and not JWT.

Hey @mahesh.biswas07,

You must use the grant_type of authorization_code flow. Here are the instructions:


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