How can I add a name to my call-in number within Zoom?


I build an application that is using a 3rd party solution to call into Zoom calls. Now, currently when I call in, it will show the “phone number” (VoiP call-in). This can be very confusing as there is no NAME or SOCIAL IMAGE connected to the number once I join in the call with other users, as I call in through the Toll Free number.

How can I make sure a name is shown, instead of just the number, once I call in with my application in Zoom? Do I need to start using the Zoom API or do I need to get a Zoom subscription and connect my number with a name?

Please let me know!

Thank you,

Hey @kevin1,

Please reach out to for this question as they will be able to better assist.

Our API does not support adding a name to a call in number.