Zoom Phone caller detection

Question about Zoom Phone integration with my app.
Problem what i am solving is to show actual Caller Name in Zoom Phone from my database.

Currently i have list of users with phone numbers, and i implemented solution with exporting external contacts through Zoom API into zoom account.

This works fine, but seems a bit not optimal because of need to upload large number of clients into Zoom who may never call.

I wonder if there is another solution through webhooks, e.g. when someone calls into Zoom Phone, i receive webhook, find person in my system and respond to Zoom with his actual name?
Please advise.

Hi @john123522 , yes you could try the event phone.callee_ringing Zoom API Events - Zoom Phone to map to your contact list.

There are several others that may work well for your use case depending on how you want to configure your data.

Thank you.
Could you please elaborate on this, what should i do after i received webhook.
How the name of caller will appear in zoom app?

I think I may have misunderstood. When you said “find person in my system and respond to Zoom with his actual name”, I interpreted this as finding the person’s name from your Zoom Phone contacts list. If the contact is not already within your Zoom contacts, Zoom will not be able to access that info unless your system is like a Google, Outlook or other 3rd party integration/CRM with access to Zoom Phone: Creating or editing synced contacts - Zoom Support.

CRM examples:

You could also try Zoom Phone Smart Embed in your 3rd party app to integrate 3rd party app contacts: Zoom Phone Smart Embed guide

If neither of these are options, you would need to upload a CSV, add the contacts via API or manually if you want to access caller’s names: Managing personal contacts - Zoom Support