Can't copy caller phone number during call


During call , I can not copy the name of the caller , nor the phone number, I need to input those info to my CRM so I can access their record. With current Zoom Phone App, the info can’t be copied .

I have to re-type their phone number to my system all the time, and it’s time consuming.

Is there a better way to do this? Not limit to api / web hook / or marketplace app.

Thank you.

Hi @kencds
thanks for reaching out!
Do you mean if we have another way that is not API calls or webhooks?
When you say you are using the current Zoom Phone App, are you referring to the Zoom client app?

Zoom client app, that is correct. So far my agents and me can not copy those info during the call so I was thinking of building a button or something that can help forward current call’s phone number to the CRM but I don’t even know if it is possible with zoom API / SDK.

Hi @kencds
Thanks for clarifying this.
you could set up webhooks where you will receive the event that you want.

We do have a set of Phone events availabe