How can I log the join/leave/rename meeting activity using zoom SDK?

I would like to log the join/leave meeting activity using Zoom SDK.
For example, my meeting ID is : 123 4567 890

whenever someone join the meeting, then the API can return the name of the new participant.
and if someone leave the meeting, the API can return the name of whom left.
Also if someone change its name, then return previous name and new name.

Is it possible using zoom sdk? Thanks so much!

Which version?
latest version

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  • PC
  • OS: window 10

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This only works for business or higher version. :frowning:

Hey @TomJerry,

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The class ImeetingParticipantsCtrlEvent provides callbacks for users joining and leaving.

  • virtual void onUserJoin (IList< unsigned int > *lstUserID, const wchar_t *strUserList=NULL)=0
  • virtual void onUserLeft (IList< unsigned int > *lstUserID, const wchar_t *strUserList=NULL)=0

If you implement these functions, you will be alerted every time a user joins or leaves the meeting. The callbacks provide the userIDs of the users who just joined/left.