Can we know about participants list in Zoom meeting


We are using Zoom IOS and Android SDk. Our participants join the meeting using meeting ID.

Can zoom provide information/report on:

  1. Participant list
  2. When a participant joins/leaves a meeting

How would Zoom identify each participant if the participant is not registered with Zoom and joins using only meeting ID?


Hi @helloparent!

You can get the full list of participants who attended a meeting using the Meeting Participant Reports API. This would show the information of everyone who attended the meeting.

This would also return the time the user joined the meeting (join_time), when they left (leave_time), and how long they were in the meeting (duration).

You could also subscribe to all participation events through our Webhooks, including the Meeting Participant Joined & Meeting Participant Left events. This could notify your app of all participants for all meetings on the account.

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Hi @michael.harrington

Thanks for the response. This shall provide us a solution once the meeting is over.

Is there any method which will inform us when a participant has joined or left?

Also, how can two same people be restricted from entering the meeting from different devices?


@helloparent, our Webhooks provide near real-time notifications each time an event occurs. They will give time-stamped data for each join & left event.

In our latest release, registration options have been extended to prevent multiple logins. This is available under Registration Options of the meeting details section in the web portal.