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I am creating a attendance system using zoom APIs and Webhooks. But there is confusion releted to one of the APIs namely List meeting participants, the scenario that I am facing is we need to capture a student’s joining and leave times but some students don’t login using their own accout or joins the meeting under different name. So, my query is if I use the List meeting participants API from dashboard APIs will it capture the data where user_name was renamed during a meeting? Like will it give me the data under the original name or the renamed name?

App Type:
JWT Application


Hey @Jainam_Shah_spurtree,

When a user renames themselves, or joins under a different name, you will see two separate entries for the user.

If you want to avoid this, I recommend enabling registration for the meeting and providing participants with unique join_urls

Let me know if that helps.


Hi @MaxM I tried the API and no if I or the participant renamed themselves that renamed name is not send by the zoom API only the original names comes in

Hi @Jainam_Shah_spurtree,

I’m afraid we don’t have a straight forward way to detect participant name changes via API. However, you may find this thread helpful for some alternative ideas:


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