How can i prevent the f10 key when i am in remote control from a guest

How can I prevent the f10 key when I am in remote control from a guest, I am using the following code in JavaScript, but when it stops in the debbug, already in the host it is doing the action of the f10 key, i’m using the 1.8.3 sdk version

$(document).on(“keydown”, function (e) {
if (e.keyCode === 121 ) {

document.addEventListener('keydown', function(event){
   if( event.code === "F10" ){
}, false);

i’m using the 1.8.3 sdk version

released 18 Nov 2020, you should upgrade urgently


The same thing happens with the code you share, it still doesn’t work.
The version update is being worked on with the Zoom team, because the current server is not compatible

do you wan’t to block F10 in the browser window or general?

in my zoom web api implementation the F10 blocker works, tested with Chome/Firefox

do you have added the script to the correct html(s)?


yes, in fact in the developer tools I can see that the event is fired every time I press f10, but when I have control from a guest of the host machine, that key has a function defined, and so it passes through the event of prevent, also in the host the action is executed.

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