How can I share a pre-beta Zoom App for development/testing among my team?

Is it possible to share Zoom App that can be installed amongst a small number of specific team members?

The “beta” mode seems intended for 20+ users and has a number of compliance requirements. The private app mode will only let me install on my account.

We simply need to test and gain feedback among our dev team with a working prototype.

We have not yet gone to pro mode and perhaps this is reason.

Is this possible if so, could you point me in the right direction?

Hey @jon6 , you’re right, this beta mode does have some compliance requirements, outlined here: Sharing private apps

In order to test outside of this beta, the user you invite will need to be on your same account. I’ll reach out directly with some options to help with a testing period.

Thank you @michael.zoom that would be very helpful. I’ll keep an eye out for your note.

Glad Michael was able to provide clarifications on the process of testing outside of the beta.


Hi @michael.zoom just wanted to follow up. Would you be able to send me a note with the information on how to add pre-beta users. Thanks!

@donte.zoom @michael.zoom just bumping. Could someone please lmk how it would be possible to share a Zoom App within my team pre-beta? Thanks!

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Thanks for the tag and this is a great question. Let me verify with our Marketplace team and circle back with what I learn.


I was actually able to get this to work by installing a private app (Intend to publish: No) and being on the same company paid account.

Before we were either doing an (Intend to publish: Yes) or not on the same zoom account so it seems that if either of those conditions are true it will not let you share the zoom app.

Anyway, thanks for your help.

@jon6 ,

Great and thank you for your response. The guidance given to share the App outside of the account is to apply for a beta/publishable URL. The App will not be published but you can use the prod client ID to install it with external Zoom accounts. I’ve linked our documentation which provides more details on the process:

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Thank you @donte.zoom this is very helpful.

You’re welcome, @jon6 !


Thanks for posting about the behavior external users are seeing when installing your app. Can you share a screenshot of the authorization error?