Request to share this app outside this account

We would like to expand our private beta testing for our Zoom Oauth app without publishing to the marketplace yet.

This sounds possible with the “Request to share this app outside this account”, so I want to make sure we have all the necessary information in order to get approval on this. We have included information for all fields except “Terms of Use URL” and “Support URL”. Will this be enough information to get “Request to share this app outside this account” accepted?

We need an approval within the next 3 business days if at all possible.

Thank you for your support!

Which App?

Screenshots (If applicable)
see our user-managed oauth app information from link above.

Additional context
We need to be able to get oauth for users outside our account so we can run private user focus groups.

Hey @taylor.hurt,

Yes, for beta testing, request to share your app outside your account. We are handling private beta requests on a first in first out basis.


Thanks for the followup tommy. We were approved in 1 business day. Appreciate the speediness

Great! Thanks for building on the Zoom Platform! :slight_smile: