Join a meeting based on the invite link (with hashed password)


Our web app has a concept of rooms controlled by a host and attended by multiple participants, each on their own device. We want to use the Web SDK so the host can add one of their Zoom meeting in a room and the participants can join that meeting in a single click (without having to worry about meeting numbers or passwords)


As far as we understand, we must ask the host to provide both a meeting ID and the meeting password to the room configuration (i.e. save it in our DB). Ideally, we would like the host to only have to copypaste the invite link containing the hashed pasword, but this would not work as we need a “meeting ID / password” pair to join the meeting using the Web SDK on the participants side, and we cannot get that information from the invite link only.

It seems like we should be able to join a meeting with the Web SDK by using an invite link and a pseudonym, but it seems as if that is not possible. Can you confirm one way or the other? If it is not possible, is this something that is planned for the future?

Which version? v1.7.10

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Based on an invite link, how would we use this code to join the Zoom meeting?

Hey @tchap,

Good question. Currently you need the plain text passcode to join meetings with the Web SDK.

As a work around, you could use Zoom OAuth, and the Get Meeting API to get the meeting number and password from your users and then pass that to the Web SDK.


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