How can I use the Video SDK with React Native and EAS?

I am developing an app in React Native using Expo. I will be using Expo Application Services to build the app.

When I look through the documentation for implementing the Video SDK, the instructions are specific to Android Studio or Xcode. Im not really using Android Studio or Xcode projects. Because I am developing using Expo.

How can I follow the instructions when I am building the app with EAS?

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Did you end up figuring this out?

Hi, @dave.bartsch,

Thank you for posting. Would you be able to share more details regards what you are looking for with respect to “compatibility”? Expo supports Android, iOS, and Web, and our React Native only supports Android and iOS. Based on what Expo is doing, it should not have any overlap and cause any conflicts with our RN VSDK when developing the Android and iOS App. What platform you are looking to build for? The support documentation below provides insight how on to get started building for Android and IOS