Steps to integrate Zoom Video SDK with React Native Expo App

We have an existing React Native App using Expo so that it is compatible with both Android and IOS. Now we want to integrate Zoom Video SDK with our App. However, we have not found any article describing the steps.

The documentation available is either using Android Studio or Xcode. Therefore, the folder and library structure created by Expo with Visual Studio code is different.

Can you please share the steps needed to integrate React Native Zoom Video SDK with React Native App created using Expo template?

Hello @donte.zoom @gianni.zoom

Please share your suggestions on my problem statement.


Hi, @barileo,

Thank you for tagging me! At this time, we don’t have instructions for integrating the React Native Zoom Video SDK with a React Native app created using the Expo template. I’ll pass this request along to the team. Please also consider submitting feedback on this topic here:

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Hi @barileo ,

Just to follow up this is our most up to date guidance for React Native with Zoom Video SDK: Video SDK - React Native - Get started

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