Meeting SDK App - Join meeting with just token and passcode

We are looking to build a Zoom App using the meeting SDK that will be available on Windows, Android, iOS, Mac using the meeting SDK so that users can join existing zoom meetings with others that are using the standard Zoom client.

We want to allow our app to be used by anyone that has the zoom meeting info (just need the meeting ID and passcode) no requirement to login and have already downloaded our app (external of the app markertplace from our website. A lot of the documentation talks about authentication with logged in users, or when a user needs to download our app they must first be authenticated on our landing page.

We are OK with authenticating users internally on our landing page to our website to initially download the app, but we do not want to have to confirm a Zoom login to use our app, nor require any logging in within the app. (just the meeting ID and passcode)

We have beta tested this with the SDK and the sample app, using a simple JWT token for now and just requireing the meeting ID. but we want to confirm we will not run into problems with app approval or getting oauth setup when it comes to the pubilishing phase…

nobody can help with this??