Get Meeting Passcode using Zoom App SDK

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React Zoom App, in meeting side panel.

I want to get the meeting passcode for the current meeting where the app is open. My use case is for a Corporate external user to join the current user’s meeting.
I noticed the WebSDK for Android has a function that accomplishes this, but I haven’t been able to find one such option in @zoom/appssdk
I want to avoid the user having to type the password on their own for UX reasons.

No error message.

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Thoroughly read @zoom/appssdk documentation.

You can use a couple of Meeting API REST calls for this. If you already have the OAuth routine in place and the ZoomSDK configured, this should be as easy as:

// get current meeting UUID
const { meetingUUID } = await zoomSdk.getMeetingUUID();
// get all live meetings for current user
// >>>ASIDE: Can a user have more than 1 live meeting ?
const { meetings } = await fetch(`PROXIED_PATH_TO_ZOOM_API_SERVER/users/me/meetings?type=live`).then(r => r.json());
// find the one that matches the current meeting UUID
const _meetingID = meetings.find(m => m.uuid === meetingUUID).id;
// get the passcode and store it in `const password`
const { password } = await fetch(`PROXIED_PATH_TO_ZOOM_API_SERVER/meetings/${_meetingID`).then(r => r.json());

Disclaimer: not tested

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Hey that sounds reasonable.
Will go ahead and try it and let you know if it worked when I’m done. Thank you!

That worked brilliantly, thank you Biinster!

Glad you were able to get support from, @biinster ! Please don’t hesitate to ask me any additional questions. Please let us know as we are always happy to help.

Happy coding!