How can you connect two unregistered people in their own zoom meeting?


I wanted to ask a question. I’m trying to build an application that connects two people together. What I would like to do is to create a zoom meeting link for those two people that would be valid for lets say three months. I want to be able to potentially create thousands of these 1:1 zoom meeting links every three months. My application would not be attending these meetings, just creating a meeting for two other people to connect. Very similar to the slack zoom integration where you can just link on the call button and a zoom meeting is created.

Another question I have is that does the slack plugin work by somehow using the logged in user’s information to create the zoom link themselves?

What plan would I need to be on and what REST endpoint would I use?

Thanks for your help!

Hi @kay.ashaolu,

Since your app just wants to create meetings on behalf of users you can create a internal app on a marketplace and use the API app. From there you can get your API Key and Secret and use the Create meeting API for the two users.

Yes the slack app uses OAuth and takes the logged in user and creates the meeting link itself whenever the button is pressed.