How can my app create a meeting for two different users?

Hi, I am building a web-based app where the app will create a meeting for two participants. One of the participants can be the owner of the meeting and the other will be a participant. The meetings will be scheduled in the future.

I am building the app in flutter web and based on firebase.

I have been successful in building a firebase function that acts as my app’s interface to the zoom api. I am able to create meetings and the start links and join links are returned by the zoom api fine. I use JWT to authenticate between my firebase function and zoom.

When I use the links on the system where I developed the app (i.e. the logged in zoom user is the same as the one used to generate the credentials for the api) the links work fine and the meeting can be started.

However, when someone else tries to use the start link, even though they log in to zoom, the user cannot start the meeting (the ui states that the meeting cannot start because it is hosted by another user).

My question is, given the configuration that I am using, how can I create a meeting that can be started by a different user from the user that created the meeting?

Thanks very much for any advice that you can give me!

Hi @bobc,

Happy to help!

To clarify, do the users that are trying to use the start_url belong under your Zoom account, or are these users independent/have their own Zoom account? If they belong under the same Zoom account as your main host, you can set these users as alternative_hosts. This is a field in the Create Meeting API which will allow designated users to start the meeting in place of the main host:

If these users are under entirely different Zoom Accounts, however, this would require an OAuth App for authentication.

Let me know—thanks!

Hi Will,

thanks for your message.

the two participants will be independent (not under my account). At least one of them will have a zoom account, but the second user might be calling into the meeting without an account (in any case, if they both have accounts, they will also be independent of each other).


Hi @bobc,

Thanks for clarifying!

In this case, you will need to create an OAuth App in order to authenticate users outside of your account and be able to create meetings on their behalf, via API.

You can create an OAuth App following these steps. And you can implement OAuth authentication by following this guide.

I hope this helps!

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