How do add meeting side panel for my app?

If I install an app like the game “Heads Up!”:

Then when I’m in a meeting and click ‘apps’, then ‘Heads Up!’ is displayed and adds a side panel on the right containing a custom user interface for that app.

How do I add a side panel like this to my app? Or, what kind of app do I need (as in JWT/Oauth/SDK/etc) for this to be possible?

Hi, @andrew.morris.elo,

Welcome to the Developer Forum Developer Forum – happy to help here. First, can you clarify if you’re asking how to build a Zoom App? Or are you asking how to add a side panel to your current application? If the former, Zoom Apps have not yet been released for developers, as we’re still working on getting ready to make development resources available. In the meantime, to learn more about Zoom Apps, you may visit the following help documentation links:

Getting started with Zoom Apps

Frequently asked questions about Zoom Apps

Hey, You can also try the below link for getting help:
This might be helpful for you. Thanks

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