How do I add collaborators to a Zoom Meeting SDK app

I would like to know how to add collaborators to managing a Zoom Meeting SDK app I have created. The option to do this is not available as it is on other types of apps such as the Zoom App app.

Steps to repro:

  1. Create Zoom Meeting SDK app in the marketplace
  2. Go to App Marketplace
  3. Next to the newly created app, select the action menu (3 dots)

Expected result:
An option to add/manage collaborators

Actual Result:
No option to add/manage collaborators

Hey, @jon6,

Welcome back to the Zoom Developer Forum. I have checked on my end and unfortunately, I do not see the option either. I understand that this is an important feature for you and I want to assure you that I am actively looking into this internally. I am reaching out to the relevant teams to gather more information and find a solution for you.

More soon.

Thank you for the quick response and looking into it @donte.zoom!

Hi, @jon6 ,

App Collaborators are only supported by OAuth, Zoom Apps, and Team Chat App Types. I’ve submitted a request to update the documentation.

Thank you @donte.zoom. Not being able to have collaborators makes using this app problematic. If our company needs multiple people to update the app in the future is there any way we can go about doing this?