How do I get an output from Zoom as an RTMP push/pull,HLS, RTP for AWS Elemental Media Connect?

I need to know how I can get an output from Zoom as an RTMP push/pull,HLS, RTP. If so, how do I do that?

I am trying to establish a connection from Zoom to AWS Elemental Media Connect so that I can build out my own channel that syndicates Zoom meetings to my own online channel that I am building. This is similar to going from Zoom to Facebook Live or YouTube Live, except it would go to my channel live for the user (streamer).

I wasn’t sure if I needed to build an app in the Zoom marketplace in addition to receiving the output from Zoom or not. Please advise on the next best steps.

Thank you

Doug Devitre

You should have the option to do “Custom Live Streaming Service” in your user settings. In the meeting, you can either then select that as an option and then enter your Streaming URL & Key or do it via API:

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Hey @dougdevitre,

Like @samly said, please see this support doc about custom live streaming:


hi,@tommy why stream url is request parameter?
Shouldn’t it be the response body?and i how to get it?
or stream url just is the push stream url?not pull stream url?
zoom pushes the live stream to the user’s own server, and then the user pulls the stream by himself for live broadcasting? If so, what is the role of the key and page url behind?

Hey @7521abcd,

For custom live streaming questions feel free to reach out to since it is not apart of the Zoom App Marketplace.