How do I integrate a live webinar within the app just like a live zoom meeting using Zoom Meeting SDK?

How do i add a live webinar inside a react-native app in which users can join and interact within our app…
For now users can join a meeting from the app… I implemented it using this [react-native-zoom-us](react-native-zoom-us - npm) bridge. and its working fine but there’s no way to replicate the same for a webinar. I suppose its because there’s no official zoom webinar sdk right?

Hi @careerlabs, thanks for using the dev forum.

As you mentioned, we do not currently have official support for React Native so we cannot speak for the specific usages of that bridge.

That being said, on our native Android SDK, you would be able to join or start a webinar through the same methods used when joining or starting a meeting. The only additional consideration would be if you have a webinarToken.


I’ve looked in the android skd docs but I couldn’t find an example snippet which makes use of webinarToken to join a webinar. Can you please point me in the right direction or provide an example as how to make use of it? & where do i need to look for the webinarToken ?

Hi @careerlabs,

The webinarToken field is only required in certain scenarios, so it may not be needed depending on your use case. If a webinar you are trying to join does require a token, then you can set it as the webinarToken field on your JoinMeetingParams object as a String before joining the webinar.


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Thanks. It worked. Able to join a webinar now :smiley:

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Hey @careerlabs,

Happy to hear this is working :slight_smile: Please let us know if you have any other questions.


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