How do I keep logging in Zoom for a long time after a successful Zoom OAUTH2 verification login?

SDK: Zoom meeting SDK version:
Operating System: Android 9, 10, 11, 12

Our application user first logins into our app, then needs to verify Zoom user login information.
We would like to only verify once and save the configuration, so the user does not do the second Zoom verification again.


On zoom’s oauth2 authentication login page, we use WebView to have an option to stay signed in,

When we check this option and enter the username password to successfully log in, the system does always keep us logged in, We don’t need to enter the username password the next time we call oauth2 for authentication. But once we start using this account to get tokens and start video meetings, if we call oauth2 again for authentication, zoom will ask us to re-enter the username and password for authentication, this authentication is very inconvenient and not a good user experience.

@lasmarthomedev I Hope you will be fine.

Please store access & refresh tokens in your DB and keep refreshing & update them using refresh token.

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