SSO for Zoom API

Hi guys,

Currently I’m trying to integrate the Zoom API with my OAuth application. Right now when I make an API call to create a Zoom meeting, the user will be prompted with the OAuth signin flow. When this happens, they will have to login on Zoom if they are not already logged in. What I want to know is that are there any ways to streamline this process more so that the Zoom meetings can be created without them having to login again on Zoom? Since they have already logged in on my application.

If it helps, my user is using SSO on both my platform and Zoom.

Thank you for your time

Hey @haydenr,

Once they have authorized your app, they will not need to login again. You can use the refresh token to always keep an active access token.

Let me know if that makes sense. :slight_smile:


Hi @tommy

Thank you for the reply. Am I correct in assuming that the user will only have to go through the OAuth flow once in their lifetime and all API calls afterwards can be made without revisiting it again? I was under the impression that it had to be done everytime

EDIT: sorry, I am a bit confused. If the user does not login, then how would the API be able to tell who its creating a meeting on behalf of? Are they identified based on their access/refresh token?


This is correct. However, here are some cases where they may have to reauthenticate:
1] They uninstall the app, and need to install again
2] The access token is revoked
3] You loose the refresh token
4] Change of scopes, and the user needs to use the new scopes.

I hope this helps

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