Problem with login after updating Zoom SDK

After updating the Zoom SDK to the latest versions to fix Android 12 compatibility issues, the method I used to login the users in order to create Instant meetings is gone, and I’m unable to find out how to login now

Which Android Meeting SDK version? and further

Additional context
I always used the method from the Zoom SDK “loginWithZoom(email, password)”, after initializing the Zoom SDK, and it worked flawlessly.
After updating the SDK, I found out that the method “loginWithZoom” is deprecated and gone, so I started looking for ways to login. Tried with “tryAutoLoginZoom()” for a while, and funnily enough sometimes it worked and sometimes it didn’t, but I couldn’t find out why when it didn’t, and now when I updated to the it never works. When it doesn’t work, it always gives me back the 101 error code. I have been looking for other ways to login, but the docs are quite convoluted and I can’t find a way that doesn’t involve having to add new endpoints in the backend.
The only thing I do with Zoom is start and join meetings, so I don’t even need to call the zoom API.

Hi @RafaGonP, thanks for using our SDK.

As of v5.9.0, the SDK no longer supports directly logging in. Moving forward, all user authentication will need to be done through Zoom OAuth. Upon successful authentication, you will be able to access the user’s ZAK and can pass it into the SDK.


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