How do I retrieve live meetings?


I’m building a zoom integration on our platform. A few people will open meetings on their desktop clients and once a user clicks a link, I would like to assign him to one of the available meetings. Therefore I need to get all open meetings in order to invite the user and flag the meeting as occupied or something.

For testing purpose, I opened up a meeting on my own client and expected the API to show me that meeting. However, the endpoint GET # /users/{userId}/meetings always returns an empty array. Other API calls like creating and deleting users work well.

Isn’t the API working as I thought or what am I doing wrong?

Thanks a lot for support!




At this time, we do not have an endpoint which retrieves just the live meetings. Using the “{userId}/meetings” endpoint can give you the list of all your meetings. If the meetings array is empty, that means you have no meetings. If you believe this is an error, please provide us with details (screenshots, error codes etc), so that we can have a look at it. If you want specifics about a certain meeting, you can use the following endpoint:

That being said, we will take your suggestions under consideration, and pass them to our engineers, so that they can consider adding these features in our future releases.

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Hi ojus,

thanks for you reply! I thought it was possible to open up a new meeting on my client and (while keeping it running) check for it on the console using the endpoint you also mentioned. If I, let’s say, schedule a meeting but start it right away it is listed as expected and I can also retrieve the details. Not sure if this an error or I just might get it wrong.

We are working with Ruby on Rails and I found this Gem acting as an API wrapper. It pretends to have functionality which obviously does not exist on your API, lol. This might have led me on the wrong track.

Thanks for support!