onMyUserContextChange event not firing on host change

I want to set up some logic for our Zoom App that triggers when the meeting host is transferred, but in my local testing the “onMyUserContextChange” event does not fire.

The “onParticipantChange” event is firing as expected, so it would seem the zoomSdk is configured properly in the app.

Hey Ross,

I noticed the same in my own testing when trying to keep track of changes to participants’ screen name. Unfortunately no resolution yet, so will be following this thread


It seems there’s been no resolution to this. The event is still not firing when I transfer host to another participant. Both Zoom Clients are on the latest version (5.10.7).

Hey @ross-crowdsmart,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum and for your patience. I’m sorry to hear you’re still encountering this issue with the onMyUserContextChange event. From what I can tell this is a bug so I’ve reached out to our engineering to see if they can confirm.

I’ll keep you posted on what I hear.


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Hello @ross-crowdsmart - Sorry for any inconveniences this may have caused. After much review, it seems this is working as expected. If you don’t mind us asking, can you provide us with the parameter that is being used to call the event?

@ross-crowdsmart in the past, I’ve seen this happen if the capabilities array is missing the event. Can you double-check that you’re adding the event to the capabilities array when calling the configure() function?

The solution was including the event in the Zoom App SDK config in the App Marketplace Features section. In fact it doesn’t seem to matter what I include or exclude from capabilities in the zoomSdk.config call in the client app code.

Hello @ross-crowdsmart - Thanks for the update. Just wanted to make sure we are on the page, is it working now?

P.S: I was able to call this event successfully without any issue.

Yes it is working now.


Thanks for confirmation @ross-crowdsmart!