How does the meeting bot work?

I am trying to develop a meeting bot using meeting SDK that can join my calls and start recording the audio/video stream.
I saw a meeting bot can be created using meeting SDK here Zoom Developer Docs.
I have got few questions for which I couldn’t find answers in any docs.

  1. Can we get real time access to the audio/video stream to do any live analysis during the meeting?
  2. What kind of permissions does the bot require to record the meeting?
  3. Can it auto join the meeting when it is started?
  4. Does the bot look like a participant in the meeting as in gong and wingman?

Can you please guide me develop a meeting bot for my use case?

Which Windows Meeting SDK version?
Windows SDK v5.11.1.6653

Device (please complete the following information):

  • Device: HP
  • OS: Windows 11

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