How I can get Meeting sessions

I am not getting proper responses for multiple sessions via API. I am using Following api:{meetingId}/instances

I am expecting this API will return all the session of a meeting either that was created during the meeting or later on the same schedule (Recurring meeting); Let’s understand the meeting sessions during the ongoing meeting. For example. Initiate meeting at 2:00 PM and its duration is 1 hour, it means your meeting will be ended at 3:00 PM, so you start meeting by 2:00 PM and end the meeting at 2:15 PM and later after 5 minutes, you restart the meeting and it lasted for 20 mins and end around 2:40 PM, In this case you have two sessions in the meeting which has own recordings as well, I am expecting the detail of the sessions will be served on the aforementioned API.

Please help me out in this case, because we need all the sessions detail to show on our application and also need to fetch meeting recording for the same.

Hi @nidhi.godha1, this API returns UUIDs (unique identifiers) for each occurrence of a Past Meeting.

Past Meetings are meetings which are no longer valid meeting IDs, meaning they are non-recurring meetings which were scheduled more than 30 days ago, or they are recurring meetings which were scheduled more than 1 year ago.

I would recommend using our Meeting Created and Meeting Ended events to subscribe to receive data each time a meeting has been scheduled or occurred. These events will provide UUIDs for each meeting occurrence.

If you have Dashboards enabled on your account, you can use the Dashboard APIs to List Meetings for the account and filter by past.