How integrate SDK libs inside a Zoom App?

I’m trying to call the Web SDK inside a working ZoomApp to use some methods and control the current meeting, but in the browser I always receive the error:

  • The zoom apps sdk is not supported by this browser at Proxy.setPostMessage
    No problem with that, it was expected, but even in the Zoom App running, it’s just point like the zoomSdk object is undefined.

I tryed install and import it npm and cdn modes. Same answer.,

Which browser are you using to call the method and how are you using it? I believe the Zoom App SDK is specifically designed for development in the embedded browsers of the Zoom Client.


Could you provide more details on how you are calling the method and share a screenshot of the “zoomSdk object is undefined” error?

Please provide more details about the specific location where you are trying to install and import it. Also, clarify which browser you are using or referring to in this context.