Error: The Zoom Apps SDK is not supported by this browser

I ran into this issue when I called the zoomSdk.config() function. Am using the zoom app sdk cdn in a basic html website. According to the docs, i passed the relevant configuration object to the zoomSdk.config().

version: “0.16.6”,
popoutSize: {width: 400, height: 360},
capabilities: [“openUrl”]

Ran the code on chrome using Vscode live server.
Please where am i getting it wrong or what browser do i need to use to get this to work. Thanks

@kingjoseph279 Make sure that you’re calling the zoomSdk.config() function from the Zoom Client. You can check if you are in the Zoom Client by checking the zoomSdk object:

if (zoomSdk) {

However, you will still see a warning when loading the zoomSdk module on your page outside of the Zoom Client.

@MaxM Thanks. I tried it out and it gives the same error. What do you mean by Zoom Client in this context. I am in a browser context in this case (working locally) . The zoomSdk is available as a global object but it gives the same error.

Hers’s my code
const version = “0.16.6”

const popoutSize = {
width: 480,
height: 360,

//Zoom App Capabilities
const capabilities = [

// All Zoom Config
const zoomConfig = {

//Setting Zoom App Configurations
async function configureZoom(){


const response = await zoomSdk.config(zoomConfig)



//Config Zoom Invocation

Here’s the error am getting
Error: The Zoom Apps SDK is not supported by this browser
at Proxy.setPostMessage (sdk.js:322:19)
at Proxy. (sdk.js:988:64)
at step (sdk.js:81:27)
at (sdk.js:62:57)
at sdk.js:56:75
at new Promise ()
at __awaiter (sdk.js:52:16)
at ZoomSdk.config (sdk.js:972:20)
at configureZoom (main.js:30:34)
at main.js:42:1

The “Zoom Client” is the Zoom program (, zoom.exe). zoomSdk will only work inside of the Zoom Client, not in Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. Because zoomSdk communicates with the client directly. Chrome cannot send data back and forth to the Zoom Client. So you have to debug inside of Zoom.

On this page you can learn how to enable the developer tools: Create a Zoom App and debug and develop your app inside of the Zoom Client, but not Chrome.