How long does it usually take to approve an App?


We’ve (Appspace) recently submitted a new App for your review that allows users to generate Zoom conferencing links when reservations are made.

How long can we expect the reviewing process to go and is there any possibility to expedite it?

Thank you and sorry for the trouble,
Miguel Vilaça

Hey Miguel!

Review time varies by app based on app quality, usability, quantity and function of features, and metadata quality (descriptive content). Testing time is typically the shortest for apps with a clear test plan, properly defined scopes and quality metadata. Conversely, apps with heavy feature requirements, poor usability, or sub-standard metadata content can require a lengthy review process.

We are looking into building a more precise average review time dashboard but it is not available at this time.

For your application, ‘Appspace Conferencing’ it was returned to you for corrections on July 28th. You can check your app’s review status and learn how to read and respond to review notes in this doc: Check Review Status

Abe Queen

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