Re-submissions of Marketplace apps for review

We realize the need for a review of course and that it takes time, plus there are no guarantees on how long the review may take, however we’ve had our second review and the last review requested an extremely minor fix to the help page which we completed within 15 minutes. It’s now the third day and we’re still waiting for a review after re-submission.

May I suggest that apps that re-submit after a fix should be expedited as it’s at times important for the business to release the update soon too. We plan as far ahead as possible at times, but it’s important that once we’ve waited for 5 days for the first review, then another 2 days for the second review, it should not take another 7 days for the third review. The overall time should not take more than 7 days. Waiting for three weeks for approval of a minor integration is frankly just too long.

Hey @fahad.beehive,

Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile: This is super valuable and will help us improve the app review re-submission process.

What is your app name? I am happy to get the status of your review.

And as a reminder, make sure to follow the Submission Checklist to get your app approved in the first submission.


Thanks Tommy, it’s BusyCal

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Hey @fahad.beehive,

After speaking with the App Reviewers, your app has been published! :slight_smile:


@fahad.beehive, thank you so much for your feedback! Let me tell you, we totally agree with you! We are currently working on new streams and workflows that should make this easier in the future!

We value your feedback and thank you for taking the time to make sure we hear it. Looking forward to working with you in the future!

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