How long ist the start_url URL valid?

When creating a meeting by the API you receive a start_url including a zak token.

Here it says the ZAK Token is valid for 20 hours.

Does this also apply to the start_url?

Hi @stephane.lux,

I think the documentation you pointed to says the token is valid for 2 hours, not 20 hours.
Anyway, what we do is query the API just at the moment when our meeting host user tries to start the meeting, get a fresh start_url through a Get Meeting API call ( and then redirect the user to this URL. So far this approach has worked without any issues.
In all cases, I do not think you can share a start URL with the host when they create the meeting, as, unlike the join URLs for meeting and webinar attendees, the start URLs are short lived.

Hope this helps.


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Hey @stephane.lux,

You can see info about the start_url expiration on the create meeting endpoint page.

Thanks for sharing the recommended flow @v.hristov :slight_smile:


Thank you @v.hristov. for sharing your approach. You are right, I meant 2 hours, it was a typo.

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@tommy Thank you for sharing the information.

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Happy to help! :slight_smile: