How long until a download_token received in a cloud recording webhook expires?

Hi, we’re receiving cloud recording JSON in a webhook. The JSON has a download token. Does anyone know when it expires? It seems that it’s something less than 18 days; I’m getting a 401 response on tokens that are older than that when accessing through an HTTP GET request…

If it expires, is there a way to refresh it?

Thank you!

Hi, @lucas.cioffi,

Thank you for posting in the Developer Forum and great questions. I am not aware of the exact expiration set for the JSON has a download token. However, Let me reach out to internal resources to get back to you with those details. Transparently, it may take some time to track this down. While I work on that, can you share more details about your use case? What is an ideal number of days that would suit your use case?

Hi Donte, thank you for your reply. A default expiration of 60 days without the need for a refresh would be fantastic!

Use case: clients have a Zoom meeting and they see the recording. They want to send that to YouTube and we give them 60 days to do so. This saves the clients a lot of time, so they really like this API method.

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