How much history can be accessed via the API

I’m using the List Webinars endpoint (Zoom Meeting API).

It only returns what looks like 90 days of history. There are no optional query parameters for a start date or date range, unlike Zoom Meeting API. (When I use this one, nothing is returned).

I am hoping to find out that we can go back more than 90 days. If not, to confirm that is the case and understand if that applies consistently across the other reports and webinar endpoints.

Hi @ChrisU , we retain 6 months of API data!

This above API endpoint returns scheduled webinars .

This endpoint returns past webinar data, but in one month intervals so if you make that adjustment, you should see more results returned:

Hope this helps!

The List Webinars endpoint is returning the past 90 days and future/scheduled ones. I believe I understand why now: 2022-09-29_17-39-23 - TechSmith Screencast - TechSmith Screencast

That other one has past data but it’s for meetings I think, and we don’t get any webinars when we query it.

Hi @ChrisU ,

GET /metrics/webinars is returning past meetings and not webinars? That would be unexpected and something we need to fix. I cannot currently reproduce that. Can you please share the response your seeing with sensitive info obscured?

I haven’t confirmed that it returns meetings. I probably shouldn’t have said that, it was an assumption I made weeks ago when I was first testing. It just isn’t returning webinars (when I try a given webinar id).

It could also be a scope issue or something else. I’m not a Zoom admin so it’s difficult for me to troubleshoot. Do we need to do anything in particular on the admin side to enable the dashboard/metrics?

Hi @ChrisU ,

Ahh I see! For one, this endpoint does not take a webinarId in the request. See our Postman workspace for set up. Additionally, you do need to be an Admin on the account and pass the following query-string params:

To have your permissions edited to access this endpoint, have your Admin perform the necessary role management adjustments.

Sorry @gianni.zoom it took me a little bit to get back to this.

When I query metrics/webinars I get no results. It doesn’t matter what date range I choose-- I tried Sept1 - Sept 30 because it’s within the last 90 days, I get nothing – more specifically, I get this below:

[1] "2022-09-01"

[1] "2022-09-30"

[1] 0

[1] 30

[1] 0

[1] ""


When I query /users/{userId}/webinars for our main webinar hosting user I get 8 webinars in September, and a total of 27 since 7/12 (and it returns nothing before that, because today is 10/10 and our last one before 7/12 was more than 90 days ago).