Https:// returning empty


We are attempting to pull data from the following endpoint and running into some odd behavior:

We are looking for past webinar data but it comes back like this:

from: “date”,
to: “date”,
page_count: 0,
page_size: 300,
total_records: 0,
next_page_token: “”,

However when we run this endpoint we see data:

GET /metrics/webinars/
WebinarID: 936 9037 8658

It has records from 2023-05-02, when we pass those dates into the original endpoint we still don’t get anything back.

How are we supposed to get webinar ID’s so we can iterate and pull the detailed data?

Hi @cs_eds_data ,

What query string parameters are you passing through this request?


I am waiting on the engineer to send me over the headers from his request but this is what I see from the screenshot for the URI:

Hi @cs_eds_data ,

Were you able to get that info from the engineers?

Additionally, please try grouping the ‘to’ and ‘from’ query parameters together as opposed to having type=past sandwiched between them. It should look something like this: