How to access the Webinar Recording using the s3:// URL



I am in the process of API integration and I am getting the file path of the recording as s3://zoom-cmr/recording-name.mp4 via the webhook. How do I access or play the video using the s3 URL.


@Sridhar, we will fix this issue based on v2 webhooks feature.


Hi Harris,

I did not understand your comment. Can you please explain what do you mean by fix this issue based on v2 webhooks feature.  Does that mean the file path am receiving as a response from the webhook is incorrect??


@Sridhar, we will response donwload_url parameter.


Hi Harris,

Thanks for your reply.

Can you tell me the approx. time when this will be fixed.


@Sridhar, we will have a release around the beginning of April.



Does that mean there is no way that I can access the recording from the s3:// URL from the webhook?? In the beginning we were told that fetching recordings is possible via the API, because of this issue we are not able to proceed further with the integration. Until you guys add the download_url parameter is there any workaround to fetch the recording.


@Sridhar, we will provide download_url in webhook payload for you to download recording files.
You can also get download_url through REST API.



Am getting the download_url and play_url as well via the REST API. When I visit the link from play_url there is a download option at the top right corner, is there a way to disable download in this case??


@Sridhar, you can go to account settings to disable download.