How to download recording file?

I got a notification from webhook that recording_completed with “file_path”: “s3://zoom-cmr/cmr/replay/2018/05/04/614193917/6525BA67-3BF9-4B6D-8257-505FC18ABB52/GMT20180504-044311_API-Develo_640x360.mp4” How can I download the file_path in the above? I try it using curl, but it can not support S3 protocol. I can get the download_url by RESTful API: “recording_files”: [{ “id”: “5fdcb352-b44a-4043-b866-8c5e724cbb9d”, “meeting_id”: “hFVKpox7Rhm6cvnIt3FF0A==”, “recording_start”: “2018-07-04T12:31:33Z”, “recording_end”: “2018-07-04T13:30:46Z”, “file_type”: “MP4”, “file_size”: 252319680, “play_url”: “”, “download_url”: “”, “status”: “completed”, “recording_type”: “active_speaker” } ] How can I use dowload_url to download the MP4 file automatically in our software? I found a post, but without a solution.

Hi Hanbridge, 

You can use the Retrieve a meeting’s all recordings ( API. It depends on your software how to download the recording. What software are you using?