Zoom recordings - not available programmatically

Hello, we are trying to allow a direct download of a webinar recording, however it seems that the APIs are not allowing us to do this programmatically since the URL we are calling is rerirecting to a password protected page. This seems a recent change linked to additional secuirty policies, but it’s blocking a process we implemented. We would like additional information on how to move forward.

We have 2 ways forward:

  • Use the old API calls that have been implemented through a JWT app. In this case we had been able in the past to download the recordings, but recent changes seems to have blocked that option (the API we are using is /recording/get )

  • Use newer APIs available (/meetings/{meetingId}/recordings) we have implemented the full workflow, bur currently we have not yet a way to download the recordings.

By checking the forums we have found some information:

  • Seems that the old APIs are deprecated so it is unlikely that they will get any support
  • Using new API with Oauth2 authentication doesn’t currently seem to have any way to programmatically retrieve the recording until a new feature is released (it was scheduled for 22nd of march, but then postponed).

We would like to receive some more information on possible workarounds, ways we can address the problem or more information on an expected release date for Oauth2 (old APIs will completely stop to work on 31st May, so this would mean not being able to fallback on those).

Thank you for the help


Hi @claudio.mazza, thanks for posting & using Zoom! To access a password protected cloud recording, add an “access_token” parameter to the download URL and provide a JWT as the value of the “access_token”.

Here’s the documentation reference if needed!

Thanks Michael,
We’ll give it a go.

Hey @claudio.mazza,

We are also releasing a way for OAuth apps to download cloud recordings this weekend.