How to add 10,000th user through SDK?

Hi, we will soon cross the limit of 9999 basic users created on the pro account we have purchased. How can we add our 10,000th user?

We are building an learning platform that redirects to Zoom for online classes. Users (students and teachers) registered on our platform get a Zoom ID generated through the API.

We need to create IDs for each user since most of our users are getting introduced to Zoom via us and we don’t want another step in the UX where they might get confused and drop off.

Has anyone found a way around this?

Hi @wiseappdev,

Thanks for the post. The Zoom SDK does not handle the user/account creation. If you would like to create users automatically, you could consider using Zoom API. Let me forward this post to the API section and one of the API experts will assist you shortly.


Oh yes. Sorry posted it in the wrong thread.

We are creating cust user through API. My bad. Please forward it.

Hey @wiseappdev,

You will need to reach out to,, your CSM, or our sales team to increase your user limit.


Super, thanks a lot!!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:


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