How to add zoom API into a website?

Hey all,
Amelia here, I am a fishing expert and also a fishing teacher. I am running a website. I want to add an API of zoom to my site so that my students can easily join me on zoom.
Here is my site
I was adding API with the help of a Youtube video.
After completing tutorial of video, I am facing an error.

Here is error:
cannot access ‘ZoomVideoChatPageModule’ before initialization
ReferenceError: Cannot access ‘ZoomVideoChatPageModule’ before initialization
at Module.ZoomVideoChatPageModule (zoom-video-chat-routing.module.ts:17)

Hi, @thewelderexpert !

I found a similar report of this error in this forum post, but have not found any reference to it elsewhere. Is it possible for you to share the tutorial you’re referring to, and/or more details surrounding how you’re reaching this error?

Kind regards,

Thanks for the guiding reference. I also need help to add zoom API to my site attitude caption. I think I can easily integrate.

@larryanna00 What type of site are you running? I can provide pointers on integrating the Zoom API with your existing website.

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