Zoom api adding into website

Hii guys,
I am running a website. So, I want to add an API of zoom to my site. Here is my site(https://playfireboywatergirl.com/).
I was adding API using a youtube video.
After completing a tutorial, I am facing an error.

Here is error:
cannot access ‘ZoomVideoChatPageModule’ before initialization
ReferenceError: Cannot access ‘ZoomVideoChatPageModule’ before initialization
at Module.ZoomVideoChatPageModule (zoom-video-chat-routing.module.ts:17)

Hey @harriet54,

Can you please share the tutorial so we can help with the issue? :slight_smile:


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Here is the Tutorial link,

Thanks tommy for quick response. :blush:

Hey @harriet54,

Thanks for sharing this. Have you tried reaching out to the creator of that video for support? Or trying our sample apps instead?


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