How to ask user to unMute his/her audio?

There is a delegate function “onSinkMeetingVideoRequestUnmute” to ask user to unMute his/her Video but there is no for audio request.

In the MobileRTC sample app, when user mutes his/her audio on the his side unmute button selected there is a popup on attendees side appears asking to unmute.

Could you please guide me for this issue.

I am using the latest SDK : v4.4.55130.0712


Hi ssaylanc,

Thanks for the post. You can use the following method to unmute user’s audio(only works if the request is from the host):

Hope this helps. Thanks!


There is no call back interface for request unmute audio by host.( v4.4.55130.0712)

We have add the interface in next release: - (void)onSinkMeetingAudioRequestUnmuteByHost;

Keep an eye out for new releases.

Have a good day.