How to bypass the unmute confirmation messagebox for all version of client sdk (android,ios,mac,windows)

The host need mute all and unmute all frequently during the meeting, host has such permission and works find in older sdk (we use 4.6.21666.0429)
However we notice in the latest version 5.2.42043.1112, each time when host unmute all, all the pariticiants need to confirm, this make participants crazy, they are kids.
Could you please tell me how sdk can accept the unmute request instead participant clicks manually?
Thank you.

Hey @Rex_Wang

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This is a part of Zoom’s ongoing security and privacy efforts:

However, if you schedule the meeting outside of the Zoom SDK, you can enable Request permission to unmute participants. This will prompt the users ahead of time and will allow the host to unmute them without a prompt every single time.

If you are using a Custom Meeting UI you should be able to use the onSinkMeetingAudioRequestUnmuteByHost callback to unmute the user as well.


Hi Michael,
Thank you for your response, yes I noticed that callback and successfully done this using windows sdk as below:

void onHostRequestStartAudio(ZOOM_SDK_NAMESPACE::IRequestStartAudioHandler * handler_)

However, in other three sdks: iOS, Android, MacOS, ithere are no such parameter like IRequestStartAudioHandler to accept this request and bypass the confirmation messagebox.
Here are the details I tested in iOS

  • (void)onSinkMeetingAudioRequestUnmuteByHost{
    [[[MobileRTC sharedRTC] getMeetingService] muteMyAudio:NO];

I catched the host’s umute request in this callback, however what can I do to bypass the confirmation messagebox? I try to call muteMyAudio, it unmutes my audio, but still, the confirmation messagebox is poped-up.

Please advise, thank you.

Hey @Rex_Wang,

Yes, this is a gap in functionality across the platforms. I will let the engineering team know about this.

Are you using the default meeting UI or custom meeting UI?


Hi Michael,
I use default meeting UI in iOS

Hey @Rex_Wang,

The onSinkMeetingAudioRequestUnmuteByHost callback will not be able to bypass this message in the default UI.


1.Can onSinkMeetingAudioRequestUnmuteByHost callback bypass this message in the custom UI?
2.How can bypass this message in the default UI?