How to call Microphone, Speaker and Camera (switch) changed events/method at running time


I connected multiple cameras and microphones, speakers to my computer.
There were no runtime events or methods discovered when I switched the specified camera to a different camera (same for microphones & speakers).

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

We have created a custom floating window for meetings created from our application. But the share screen is still using the floating window of Zoom. When I make any changes in my custom floating window (selecting a new audio or video device), it is correctly reflected in the share screen window, but vice versa is not happening.
meaning, if I change the audio device from the zoom share screen floating window then the same is not reflected in my custom window.

I want to know if there is any event that I can register to from where I can get a notification when there is a device change.

Please refer the images below

Zoom screen share floating devices popup - I switched the Microphone (ZY Control Mic8k) to a Microphone (8-Logitech Webcam C930e)


then after I stop the screen share and check my device list popup - it’s not updated. see screenshot,


Which Windows Meeting SDK version?


  • OS: Windows 10

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