Select Microphone/Speaker Doesn't Switch Active Device Outside of Meeting

We are using v5.14 of the Windows Meeting SDK, and want to clarify the functionality of
IAudioSettingContext::SelectSpeaker and IAudioSettingContext::SelectMicrophone.

Previously, we were under the impression that these methods switch the microphone and speaker to be active outside of the context of Zoom meetings.

Currently, what we are witnessing is that the SDK is only changing the selected device for Zoom usage.

We were utilizing this functionality to control the speakers and microphone for other input and outputs ,and are wondering if this was a change in SDK behavior.

We are switching the speaker to an external speaker, Windows still plays sounds from the active speaker. But joining a zoom meeting it shows the speaker we selected to. Are workflow expected both to change to the external speaker


@john.markley ,

The IAudioSettingContext::SelectSpeaker and IAudioSettingContext::SelectMicrophone sets the Speaker and Microphone which will be used during Zoom Meeting.

It does not affect the system level / windows level setting of default speaker and default microphone

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