How to cancel out of JoinMeeting?

In our app’s integration of the IOS SDK, the first two screens displayed to the user in the course of joining a meeting, the “Waiting…” screen and the screen that displays details about a meeting that has not yet started (Meeting ID/Time/Date) do not allow the user to cancel out of the experience.  

If the user can get past these two screens then later screens include a “Leave Meeting” menu option that allows them to leave the conference, but they are not given an option for leaving the meeting on these two initial screens.  The user can get stuck on one of those two screens (e.g. because the host has not started the meeting, or if there is a network connection problem), and their only option to get off those screens is to kill our app.  This is a poor user experience.

Is there a way for us to configure the SDK so that these screens present an option for the user to leave?   Or is there a commonly implemented workaround for this problem?

Thank you,
Bob Nix

Hi Bob,

Zoom SDK can only leave the meeting once it started. In your situation, I think you are looking for a method to go back to the previous screens? 

If that is the case, then the problem is not about leave meeting, it about how your application’s flow design. Zoom only controls everything inside the meeting, based on your description, the two screen are not within meeting. So I recommend you to research on Objective-c navigation back button.


Thank you for your quick response.

I will pursue wrapping the Zoom experience in our own navigation experience.  





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