Stuck in Waiting... on second and subsequent joinMeeting

Our app integrates with Zoom using the latest rev of the IOS SDK. In this buggy scenario the meeting host is on the web and the user is on IOS. After a host starts a meeting, the first time a user joins a meeting the Zoom functionality works properly.

If that user Leaves the meeting, and then rejoins, then the IOS side of the app gets stuck displaying “Waiting…”. The host of the meeting sees that the user has rejoined the meeting, but the IOS user is stuck with the Waiting screen. If the host ends the meeting then the IOS Waiting screen goes away and the IOS Zoom app exits. All other host interactions with the participant seem to work (e.g. asking the user to turn on the video triggers a pop-up, etc.), but the user is stuck on “Waiting…”.

Callbacks to onMeetingStateChange look identical between the first successful meeting and the second stuck meeting (first a status code of Connecting and then a status code of InMeeting).

Smartphone (please complete the following information):

  • Device: iPod Touch and iPhone XR
  • OS: both IOS 12.1.4 and IOS 13.1.3

Hi bobnix,

Thanks for using Zoom SDK. Could you provide the SDK log so that we could further investigate this issue? You may find the instruction to enable and get the log here:


Hi Carson,

I have the logs, what’s the best way to get them to you?


Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply. I will contact you directly.


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Hi Bob,

Thanks for your reply and the info. Based on the log you provided, it seems the join meeting process is working correctly and no issue found in the log. We have tried the same scenarios as you described with our demo app but unfortunately we are not able to reproduce this issue. In order to further help you on this issue, may I inquire the following:

  • Are you using Zoom default UI or custom UI?
  • Have you set the RootViewController?


  • We are using the default Zoom UI.
  • We are setting the RootViewController. The purpose is to add a “Leave” button that allows the user to exit the joinMeeting process (in case the join process stalls).

Is this problem symptomatic of an issue with the RootViewController?


Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply. We are not sure about the root cause yet. Based on the log and the description, everything seems working well. Could you have a try with our demo app and see if everything is working working well with your environment? Please let us know if you are able to reproduce this issue with our demo app and if you catch any error message for this issue.

Thank you very much.

Your demo app works, I cannot reproduce the issue there.

Our particular IOS build uses the “Legacy Build System” and your demo app functions in that environment as well.

I noticed that after the user leaves the 1st meeting there is a UITextEffectsWindow still defined by the SDK, but that is true in both your demo app and our app as well so its likely not a sign of the issue.

I’d welcome any suggestions for things to try in my app.


Hi Bob,

Thanks for the reply and thanks for sharing your investigation result. Everything you have mentioned looks great so we are not sure what is the root cause that cause this issue. We would recommend referring to the implementation in our demo app and see if it helps. And please let us know if you found a way to reproduce this issue with our demo app or if you have any other find outs.