How to check if meeting host is available for call or not?

How to check if meeting host is available for call or not ?

I have 2-3 static meeting id , and i have to randomly allocate those id to user who is first available for meeting , how can i get this feature using Zoom SDK ,

I’m staring call like this :slight_smile:

   if let meetingSesrvice = MobileRTC.shared()?.getMeetingService()
            MobileRTC.shared()?.getMeetingService()?.delegate = self
            print("Connecting to : \(viewModel.currentMeeting?.meeting_id ?? "NO Meeting id ")")
            print("Meetting list \(meetingSesrvice.getInMeetingUserList() ?? [])")
            meetingSesrvice.delegate = self
            let dicParams = [kMeetingParam_Username:viewModel.userInfo?.fname ?? "Unknown",
                             kMeetingParam_MeetingNumber:viewModel.currentMeeting?.meeting_id ?? "",
            meetingSesrvice.joinMeeting(with: dicParams)
            print("unable to get ")
            AlertManager.showMessage(msg: "Unable initiate video call please try after sometime")

Please help


Hi dhiraj,

Thanks for the post. Is the static meeting ID associated with the users? Or they are separated?

There are multiple ways of doing this:

  1. You can implement the waiting room feature, and add the waiting room listener to monitor when a user joins the meeting, then invite the first available host and assign it as the host

  2. You can also use ZAK to start a meeting(, when a user joins the queue, the first available host can auth with the Zoom API, and get the Zoom token & ZAK to start the meeting, then invite the user in the queue to join the meeting.


We don’t want to user to wait in the meeting room , Suppose we have 3 static id’s ( Host )

a. 123456
b. 345612
c. 654321

  1. if user initiate the call from Mobile apps , then our app should check which Meeting id is ready for the call , my first problem is , i am unable to check which meeting id is available for the call .
    this is needed because i have to pass meeting id in order to start the call


2 . if host a and b are already on call then , new call should go to host c.
3. If all the host are busy then , there should be error message "Our all host are busy please try after sometime " , if you can guide us to get the current state of meeting by meeting id , then we can add this feature , we will check if all host with meeting are on call or not , and available (Online) , if host is not on call and is also available, then only we will initiate the call .

Hi dhiraj,

Thanks for the reply and thanks for sharing the concepts. The steps that you are mentioning are not for in-meeting experience while our SDK mainly focus on the in-meeting experience. However, if you would like to know the status of a meeting, you can use make a API call to to get the status of a meeting.

There is a field called “status” in the response that could provide the meeting status.

Hope this helps.